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video game guy

Year of Video Game Guy.
Video Game Guy’s Mansion.
Wavideo Game Guy.



video game guy

Year of Video Game Guy.

Video Game Guy’s Mansion.

Wavideo Game Guy.


the saga of patrick weekes’ #assquisitor is an amazing one.



you can cling to six decades of deep-seated homophobia, or give it up

The first Crowley scene, that tells everything about him.




i love seeing girls close ranks when their fella is cheating, instead of defending him and attacking the other girls. like seriously. it warms my cold, cold heart so much. 

i need the rest of this story, where did you put the body

I’ve always wanted to do this. I hope they all went out for ice cream later too.





One of my favourite things about shows set in the Doctor Who universe is how they try to represent real-world diversity through their major and frequently reoccurring characters.


The Sarah Jane Adventures





For me it’s a matter of moffat’s run being marginally less offensive than RTDs run. Because RTD almost killed the Doctor for me and made me hate Ten/Rose so as crappy as moffat it’s like being pulled out of the fire and put in the pan. Because by the time the year of specials happened I was so disgusted with Ten I almost stopped watching the show.

Sorry I’m on my phone I can’t write a lot, but I hated that Rose’s story became all about the Doctor, without any outside life like River had her job and other things. I hated that Rose’s whole focus was getting back to the Doctor and her happy ending was a Doctor clone. I hated that all of Martha’s story pretty much boiled down to her not being Rose. I hated that Donna’s growth was taken from her and her happy ending was a wedding and a lotto ticket, because a man and money fix everything. And more than anything I hate the Love and monsters story and the implications that Ursula might be only a face but hey she has a mouth so she can give Elton head.

I like the Amy/Rory relationship better than anything RTD did. River/Eleven is fucked up but I find it a healthier fucked up than Ten/Rose

It’s all terrible when it comes to diversity. I’m not saying Moffat is good. Not at all. I’m saying I don’t see him as worse than RTD.

First of all I’m not sure how attacking RTD’s storylines and main relationships really relates to the debate over sexual and racial diversity, but okay. Let’s talk about this.

So Rose not having a life outside of the Doctor’s an interesting point. Considering how she’s shown throughout both her seasons as repeatedly returning home to Jackie, Mickey and her friends, and in Pete’s World she joins Torchwood and has a family, yeah, she’s totally insular. Unlike River who spends the first half of her life trying to kill the Doctor, and the second half in prison for supposedly succeeding, but ‘her nights belong to him’. Her life is her own, right? She has family (who are the doctor’s friends and she spends no time alone with) and friends (who brainwashed her to only stalk the doctor) and a husband (the doctor).

Rose was a woman in love. When you’re in love with someone, you kinda don’t want to be put in another universe and parted forever from them. The Doctor also offered her a whole different life, a life of travel and exploration and heroism, that no one else could. Sarah Jane says the same thing: ‘how can anything compare to that?’ So while yes, she missed him, she also missed their life together, and that’s not a weakness.

Rose also worked to find him to save all the universes from Davros who was putting the stars out. But even if she wasn’t, how is wanting to be reunited with the love of your life a weakness? 

Martha was treated badly in a lot of ways by the Doctor, but never by the narrative. She was shown to be smart, capable, so much better than his bullshit, and totally in it for the adventure. There was a whole piece of meta I read a while back about how she ‘doctors the Doctor’: she is what he should be, and can’t be because losing Rose plunged him back into his grief over losing the Time Lords (something I’ll never forgive Moffat and his travesty of an anniversary episode for ruining). Martha Jones walked the Earth alone and saved the world without any help at all. Don’t reduce her to one relationship when she’s better than that.

The loss of Donna was a tragedy, and it was portrayed as such. Losing her was the price for saving the world, and the husband and set up for life wasn’t a reward but a consolation prize. Not every story has a happy ending.

Don’t worry though, literally everyone hates Love and Monsters. Still doesn’t compare to 11 sexually assaulting Jenny, though.

I really don’t know how you get ‘fucked up’ from Ten/Rose, but whatever, agree to disagree on that point I guess. I agree about Doctor/River though. Amy/Rory was about as healthy as Rose/Mickey, which is par for the course I guess, but her being rendered infertile by the whole forced pregnancy debacle and her only trauma being if Rory will stay with her? That’s fucked up right there.

RTD at least was less outwardly misogynistic and homophobic in interviews as well.


one of the funniest interviews ever


Clara Oswald, supernanny.